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How to get into Harvard. (Sorta.)

I’m taking a screenshot for posterity before someone at Harvard figures out who was asleep at the switch and allowed Jobstr to be included among the likes of LinkedIn, Indeed, and GlassDoor as a recommended “Career Link” for all those wicked-smaht Hahvahd kids:)

Good Qs / Bad Qs

In its first year online, Jobstr saw 8,000 questions answered, but even better than the mere volume was the quality — it turns out we’ve got some pretty intellectual users.  To wit: Jobstr Q&A hosts can delete questions they feel are off-topic or inappropriate, but that’s a feature they’ve used less than 0.2% of the […]

New: Social Network Links for Jobstr Hosts

Sometimes we add cool new stuff to Jobstr.  As of this week, Q&A hosts can now link to their Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn profiles, in addition to their website or blog.  Not only does it look pretty slick, but it will give you and your content better visibility on the interweb…which can only lead […]

Century Club — Population: 1

Just a tip of the cap to Officer Richard, host of the excellent Police Officer Q&A, for being the first Jobstr host to reach 100 answers.  If you’ve spent any time reading his thread, you can’t help but feel good knowing that he’s out there Serving and Protecting.  Smart, articulate, candid, professional.  Makes you feel […]

Who is that handsome devil? Google Authorship for Jobstr Q&A hosts!

Hey Jobstr hosts:  Some of you host your Q&A’s anonymously, and that’s just fine…if you need to conceal your identity to confess to that time you dropped your watch in the fry-o-later, so be it.  But for the rest of you, here’s a cool little nugget we just enabled that will give your Q&A a […]