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Artists and Comedians: Watch. This. Now.

An entrenched ‘old guard’ of network and industry executives is in a battle for its own survival, best deconstructed by Patton Oswalt in his Just For Laughs 2012 keynote speech.  If you haven’t seen it yet, watch it below.  Then bookmark it, and return every time you feel adrift in a media landscape that seems to change by the […]

Rocky’s Boots: The Most Brilliant Computer Game Ever Made

Attention parents: if you want your kid to grow up smart, go find this game.  Just do it.  Strap the little brat down in front of it with his eyes propped open Clockwork Orange-style if need be.  This is for his own good (and perhaps a little bit of a nostalgic victory lap for you).  There […]

Meta Data for Noobs: Low-Hanging SEO Fruit

Stop asking “How do I rank higher in Google search results”, and start asking “How do I maximize my number of click-throughs when my site DOES show up on search results pages.”  Solving that question is cheap, easy, and incredibly powerful.  So why aren’t more people doing it?  Here’s everything I wish I knew 12 […]

The Strangest Secret…

As an admitted sucker for motivational books (and lolcats), I’m always a little surprised to discover what I later learn to be well-known piece in the genre that, for whatever reason, has escaped my attention.  Such is the case with The Strangest Secret, an audio recording produced by Earl Nightingale.  What I’m always struck by […]

FrankenJobstr – A cautionary Drupal tale

A Drupal adventure gone horribly wrong. What you NEED to understand before choosing a CMS, and why developers may not have your best interests at heart.