How to get into Harvard. (Sorta.)

Harvard diplomaI’m taking a screenshot for posterity before someone at Harvard figures out who was asleep at the switch and allowed Jobstr to be included among the likes of LinkedIn, Indeed, and GlassDoor as a recommended “Career Link” for all those wicked-smaht Hahvahd kids:)

jobstr harvard

The irony of this all is that at this time last year, we were getting the cold shoulder from Career Services directors at the likes of Turd Ferguson Polytechnic…and now I’m waking to find that that Harvard finds us worthwhile enough to recommend to their students. (First person to point out that it’s actually their school of Continuing Education gets his ears boxed in. STILL COUNTS!! It’s not like it’s Brown or something.)

We’ve worked exceptionally hard on the site for nearly two years, hoping to build it into the rich educational community that it’s become. Given that the goal was never to actually generate income (at which we’ve succeeded spectacularly:), it’s often hard to know whether we’re making a difference beyond the complimentary emails from students and the few dozen university career service departments who now recommend us to their students. But when Harvard links to you, you know you’re doing something right.

So a big THANK YOU to our Q&A hosts, and to readers who are sharing Jobstr with their friends. Everyone needs an occasional pat on the back, and this is ours.

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