The Strangest Secret…

strangest-secret-nightingaleAs an admitted sucker for motivational books (and lolcats), I’m always a little surprised to discover what I later learn to be well-known piece in the genre that, for whatever reason, has escaped my attention.  Such is the case with The Strangest Secret, an audio recording produced by Earl Nightingale.  What I’m always struck by is the consistency — you might even say timelessness — of the message.  Some of you might roll your eyes as you listen, writing this off as just another rah-rah “Believe in yourself!” locker room speech, the likes of which you’ve heard 50 times before.  But…that’s almost the point: even across a half century (I was surprised to learn Nightingale produced the below in 1956), the themes remain the same.  So either these authors are all charlatans who have stumbled upon the same formula for exploiting the human desire for self-improvement and lined their pockets accordingly, or…..there may just be something to this all.  Enjoy.

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